Mayor Nathan Frisch called the February 13, 2020 Village of Attica Council meeting to order at 7:42 PM.

Roll Call: Lynn Love, George Yakoubian, Ed Treft, Louie Sanders, Kirk Stanfield

Approval of Warrants: Motion by Councilman Sanders, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to approve the warrants for payment.

Vote: 5-0. Motion carried. Approval of Minutes: Motion by Councilman Love, seconded by Councilman Sanders to approve the minutes. Vote: 5-0. Motion carried.

Written & Oral Communication: Councilman Stanfield referenced the Village Handbook from the minutes. He wondered if it was available for everyone in a printed version. FO Gullett advised it’s online; will check if printed copies are available.

State Representative Candidate Gary Click was present to visit and check in with the Village.

Seneca County Commissioner Candidate Tyler Shuff was present to check in with the Village. He’s been canvassing the area.

Kristin Vess was present with a letter on behalf of The Hub. Owner, Deb Cook, explained the move to Bellevue was a financial decision only and wanted to assure that coverage would not change.

Charlene Watkins with Seneca Regional Planning Commission was present to collect the signed contract for the NatureWorks grant. Watkins also advised the Village’s meeting dates/times are now listed on the SRPC’s website. Mayor Frisch advised to go ahead and address ordinance regarding grant now so that Solicitor Heyman could get started on it.


Motion by Councilman Sanders, seconded by Councilman Love to suspend the three-read rule on ORD 2020-3. Vote: 5-0. Motion carried.

Motion by Councilman Sanders, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to declare an emergency on ORD 2020-3. Vote: 5-0. Motion carried.

Motion by Councilman Sanders, seconded by Councilman Love to adopt ORD 2020-3. Vote: 5-0. Motion carried.

Public Safety: none

Streets & Properties: VA Martin advised the streets have been taking a lot this winter, and there are a lot of potholes currently. Councilman Love advised that someone from Sutton Bank asked if we could do something about the crosswalk area, as it is very dimly lit and dark in the mornings. VA Martin will take a look at it to see what needs done. Mayor Frisch stated some lighting could be incorporated with the memorial park being planned.

Parks: VA Martin stated that two loads of dirt were hauled out to the ballfield.

Trees: none

Fire: Councilman Yakoubian reported: had meeting, paid bills. There was also an activity briefing. The fire department is planning to purchase new fire suits. Yakoubian plans to attend a Monday training session and has also read the last six months of minutes to catch up on things.

EMS: Councilman Love reported: had meeting; paid bills. The EMS board looked over an application but put it on hold. Love also reported that EMS rates were increased for 3 or more.

Cemetery: Paid bills.


Zoning Commission: none

Finance & Rule: Cash balance of all funds $ 1,115,085.45. The January Bank Reconciliation and Utility Adjustment Report were both presented for review and approval. A Year End Cash Balances Report was circulated to Council. A Finance Committee Meeting will be held Wednesday, 2/19/20 @ 7pm.

Water & Sewer: VA Martin stated that the Village applied for a fluoride grant. It would be used to replace a scale, pH meter and fluoride meter. Mayor Frisch thanked the guys for getting that done and what they do.

Councilman Yakoubian shared an article about a potential safe water drinking bill and “forever chemicals.” VA Martin has heard a little about it. His understanding is that the EPA will pay for testing for the first year, but the Village would be responsible if testing is still required after that year.

Councilman Yakoubian also stated that a Water/Sewer Committee meeting was held. The committee discussed a succession plan for VA Martin’s retirement and the hiring of a new employee. Yakoubian would like to defer further conversation about a new hire to the Finance Committee, as the water budget is going to be affected a great deal. Yakoubian also noted that not opening the pool was discussed. Attendance wasn’t great and the cost to operate is more than what comes in. Councilman Yakoubian advised that he received some reports on aging utility accounts. The numbers seemed pretty high, so he may have to see if it included current billing numbers. He did see the number for tax assessments is about $13k. Yakoubian noted that this is a factor on having the budget to hire someone. The delinquent accounts need to be addressed by the water department. A long discussion was had about water operations and wages needed vs qualifications. Resident asked if VA Martin was making what he should be and what time frame would be necessary to get someone up to his level. It was said that Martin’s salary is not competitive and only 10% is water. The time frame to train someone would rely on where hours are spent working and would need all hours in water.

Councilman Yakoubian also asked how many meters the Village had, as that was a question at the committee meeting. VA Martin advised maybe around 50. Councilman Love asked how many meters are installed each year. Martin wasn’t sure off the top of his head.

Councilman Love asked about the sick pay question. Solictor Heyman advised an email was sent with information. FO Gullett has the email to give to the Personnel Committee.

Village Website & IT: Councilman Yakoubian asked if the IT contractor was contacted. FO Gullett advised yes, just waiting on his response to schedule a date

. Unfinished, Old Business and New Business: none

Next meeting: February 27, 2020 at 7:30PM

Motion by Councilman Sanders, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to adjourn the meeting. Time: 9:25 PM. Vote: 5-0. Motion carried.


____________________________________ ______________________________ Mayor Nathan Frisch Fiscal Officer Michelle Gullett