Mayor Bryan Shock called the October 24, 2019 Village of Attica Council meeting to order at 7:31 PM.

Roll Call: Nate Frisch, George Yakoubian, Justin VanAlstine, Louie Sanders, Ed Treft, and Kirk Stanfield

Others present: Village Administrator Greg Martin

Approval of Warrants: Motion by Councilman VanAlstine, seconded by Councilman Sanders to approve the warrants for payment. Vote: 6-0. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Councilman Frisch, seconded by Councilman VanAlstine to approve the minutes. Vote: 6-0. Motion carried.

Written & Oral Communication: Mayor Shock announced that Solicitor Palau would not be present at tonight’s meeting, due to the passing of his father. He also expressed condolences.

Residents Neil and Vanessa Webber were present to discuss their recent water bill. The bill coming due will be over $700, due to a leak. The leak was discovered in September and Webber called someone to repair it. She is not sure if the dates are off from when it was fixed and the billing cycle occurred. Webber confirmed when asked that the leak was an outside faucet, citing she replaced two. It was a pipe leading outside, so the water did not go through the sewer. Mayor Shock stated that in the past, Council has approved charging a customer’s “normal” sewer rate, and forgiving the remainder of the sewer portion only. VA Greg Martin advised that the utility billing clerk could pull the average sewer usage on the account. Webber stated when the bill increased, they looked for a leak. It was suggested the Webbers check the toilet, maybe putting dye in the tank to determine a slow leak.

Motion by Councilman Frisch, seconded by Councilman Sanders to charge the Webbers for water usage and their average (“normal”) sewer usage, then waive the remainder of the sewer portion of their bill. Vote: 6-0. Motion carried.

Resident Mary Drown was present to discuss a tree causing damage to the sidewalk in front of her house. VA Martin asked if it would be OK if the tree came down. The resident stated she didn’t care whether the tree was there or gone, as long as the sidewalk is fixed. She doesn’t think the sidewalk is cracked, just lifted. Martin advised that it would be taken care of yet this fall. Drown also inquired about the 3% water fee increase, citing she is on a fixed income and finding difficulty in paying more than she does now. She wanted to know how much longer it would be in effect. Mayor Shock answered that we don’t know for sure.

Mayor Shock read aloud the resignation letter from Solicitor Rick Palau. The letter stated that his last month of service would be November.

Public Safety: none

Streets & Properties: VA Martin reported finding more information about the Woodwind Drive land in question. He stated that he found in 1986, Council accepted the land and was recorded in the plat book with Seneca County. In 2000, it was accepted again. Martin stated that he needs to speak on the matter further with Solicitor Palau. He’s also been in contact with a landowner at the end of North Woodwind who may potentially want it vacated where his property starts. Martin also stated paving was done in the parking lot and gave thanks to Sutton Bank. Martin announced there would be some catch basin work coming up. Some will be repairs and some newly installed on Tiffin, Woodwind and Buckeye. Councilman Treft inquired if we still had a street cleaner to help with all of the leaves falling. VA Greg Martin advised that we do, but we need a very light rain to use it, because the water unit no longer works on it. Resident Mary Drown advised that the catch basin near her home needs cleaned. Martin acknowledged. Drown also asked about other clean up, including a neighbor with a lot of weeds. Martin advised that can’t be enforced without a police department. Drown asked if it is going to be put back on the ballot. Councilman Frisch advised that it’s being discussed.

Parks: VA Greg Martin advised the pool has been drained and winterized.

Resident Lynn Love asked what will be in need of repair for the pool for next year. Martin advised that all depends on what holds out through the winter. The filter has potential to go, which could be as much as $26,000 or more to replace. Love also asked about numbers for the pool revenue. FO Gullett asked who makes the report and was advised that typically the FO does. Gullett agreed to present at the next meeting.

Trees: none

Fire: none

EMS: Councilman VanAlstine stated that two more EMTs resigned, including the coordinator, leaving the roster with only 8. There are only 2 putting in consistent time, 2 part time and 4 putting in no time. VanAlstine reminded that there is a meeting on 11/13 to meet with Bloom-Scipio regarding their services. There is also a levy on the ballot.

Cemetery: none Personnel: none Zoning Commission: none

Finance & Rule: Cash balance of all funds $ 1,043,074.42. Department managers have been contacted to coordinate budgeting and appropriations for 2020 budget.

Water & Sewer: none

Village Website & IT: none

Unfinished, Old Business and New Business: Mayor Shock asked Lynn Love if they had any meetings for her committee. Nothing to report at this time.

Next meeting: Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 7:30PM. Motion by Councilman VanAlstine, seconded by Councilman Sanders to adjourn the meeting. Time: 7:58 PM. Vote: 6-0. Motion carried.


____________________________________ ______________________________ Mayor Bryan Shock Fiscal Officer Michelle Gullett