Mayor Bryan Shock called the April 28th, 2018 Village of Attica Special Council Meeting to order at 8:05 AM.

  1. I.Roll Call: Ed Treft, Kirk Stanfield, Louis Sanders, George Yakoubian, and Nate Frisch. Absent: Jeff Love. Other’s present; Fiscal Officer Amber Coontz.


  1. II.Motion by Councilman Sanders, seconded by Councilman Frisch to Declare the adoption of Resolution 2018-5 as an emergency. Voted 5-0. Motion carried.
  1. III.Motion by Councilman Frisch seconded by Councilman Sanders to suspend the three meeting reads of Resolution 2018-5. Voted 5-0. Motion Carried.
  1. IV.Motion by Councilman Frisch, seconded by Councilman Sanders to adopt Resolution 2018-5: ‘A resolution agreeing to cooperate for the purpose of providing park improvements.’ Voted 5-0. Motion Carried.
  1. V.Motion by Councilman Treft, seconded by Councilman Sanders to discuss, mandate and approve the set rate of pay for the Pool Mgr., at $9.00 p/hr., Asst. Mgr. at $8.75 p/hr., Returning Lifeguards from 2017 at $8.50 p/hr., and any new lifeguards at minimum wage, $8.30 p/hr. Voted 5-0. Motion carried. Son’s of Legion will be paying ½ of the 2017 Lifeguard reimbursement and the Village will pay the remaining half.

Motion to adjourn the meeting. Time: 9:32 A.M. Vote 5-0. Motion carried.

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Mayor Bryan Shock                                                                         Fiscal Officer Amber Coontz