1. Mayor Bryan Shock called the April 12, 2018 Village of Attica Council meeting to order at 7:36PM.


  1. Roll Call: Ed Treft, Kirk Stanfield, George Yakoubian, and Nate Frisch. Absent: Louis Sanders and Jeff Love Other’s present: V.A. Martin, Chief Turner, Fiscal Officer Amber Coontz, John Davoli, Kathleen Mohr, Resident: Scott Dorris and Press.

Motion by Councilman Yakoubian, seconded by Councilman Frisch to approve the warrants for payment. Vote: 4-0. Motion Carried.

Motion by Councilman Frisch, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to approve the minutes as presented. Vote: 4-0. Motion carried.

  1. Written & Oral Communication: John Davoli took the floor to speak about the Safety Grant that went into progress one and a half years ago and noted that all six entities within Seneca County signed. He mentioned that Chief Turner was one of the few people who continued to pursue the on-going progress with the grant. Mr. Davoli stated that the Chief was “always very kind.” Mr. Davoli introduced Kathy Mohr, his IT Director and publically thanked her stating that, “No village would get anything done without her.” He proceeded to turn over a 55” TV, mounting accessories, and Lap Top, funded solely by the grant that will allow the Village of Attica and its Police Dept. to interactively complete necessary and continuous training. The Village Council and Administration at this point proceeded to take a picture with the grant equipment, Mr. Davoli and Ms. Mohr. Mr. Davoli indicated that Kathy would set up the installation of the interactive work station. He also mentioned PSA has new commercials coming out for public awareness regarding the opiate epidemic and a new lunch and learn provided Friday, May 4th, 2018. Mr. Davoli thanked Council and Chief Turner for their time.

Councilman Stanfield questioned the up and coming Seneca Wind Project if we (the village) will make money from this project? Mayor Shock indicated that money will not be generated for the village with regards to the project. Councilman Stanfield and other Council members discussed the dangers of these very tall solar wind turbines will create.

Resident Scott Doris asked about the upcoming Community Garage Sale and whether its being advertised. Councilman Yakoubian responded that he will work on the web page so that it may be shared and that the Community Garage Sale is currently on the Village Calendar.

  1. Committee Matters:
    1. 1.)Public Safety – Chief Turner stated that the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office is a part of the grant and they had all of their laptops issued with that grant and Chief Turner received a brand new laptop in his cruiser. He mentioned that his other laptop is eight years old and he will be looking into that.

-          The Chief noted that he and Officer Bruening spent about two hours today at Seneca East School talking to children and doing the Print ID Kits with them. He said that they did about 30 kits for kids.

-          With regards to 110 S. Main St., Chief Turner called the Health Dept. and they are condemning it. There is also another house in question.

-          Chief Turner, to date, has given out 13 trash notices to get into compliance with the ordinance.

-          Chief Turner thanked Mansfield Chief of Police, Ken Coontz, for donating four police vests to the Village of Attica Police Department and that he is still looking into getting a few more vests.

-          Chief Turner mentioned the idea of re-examining the idea of an impound lot at the old waste plant. He indicated that it had been brought up some years ago and did not “go over very well.” He wants to talk to V. A. Martin about the policy and procedures regarding this idea. Councilman Treft asked questions regarding how funds will come from this project and how the process would work. Chief Turner hypothetically explained the process in general, as specifics have not been reached at this point.

-          Chief Turner purchased the Professional Adobe Acrobat Reader to convert the departments forms in order to streamline the processes and formats of Seneca County requirements.

-          The Chief said that he had attended the NCOrog breakfast and they discussed the new Drug Court Hurdle, multi-jurisdictional, and legislation was believed to have passed within the House and Senate. If it passes the program will be the 1st multi-jurisdictional program in the state of Ohio.

-          Lastly, Council discussed David Hess and the business property he has that is in multi-violation. It was indicated that he has been sent two notices and has five business days to comply due to having an excessive amount of (approximately 13) junk cars on his lot. He has been issued a certified letter from the Village/PD. V.A, Martin stated the vehicle licenses were all registered to different people. It was discussed that Pioneer Rubber had it before and that the EPA is still coming back and testing wells and that they and the sheriff’s department have been informed.

  1. 2.)Streets and Properties:The village has started picking up brush on Friday’s and as soon as there is three to four days of decent weather they will start pot hole filling.
  2. 3.)Parks: V.A. Martin asked the Mayor what should be done with the fence rotting at the park and it was determined to keep fixing it as best as possible with materials on hand and to continue using as best as possible as a secondary fence. It was also mentioned that the Village may need to advertise for lifeguards and that it would be best if Glea Herr attended the next meeting to discuss.
  3. 4.)Tree’s: - none
  4. 5.)Fire: -
  5. 6.)EMS: Had meeting, paid bills
  6. 7.)Cemetery: -
  7. 8.)Personnel: Executive Session request after meeting with no action
  8. 9.)Zoning Commission: Speaking with the Chief in the morning
  9. 10.) Finance and Rule – Total of all funds amounts to $
  10. 11.) Water and Sewer: Still in demo at the old sewer plant and hauling tons of dirt to backfill.
  11. 12.) Village Website & IT: Nothing
  1. Unfinished – Old Business – New Business:

Unfinished:                Councilman Stanfield asked if there was any word on the Eagles. V.A. Martin stated that its still in review. The V.A. stated that, “when the bids go out he will be back and that they’re maybe money involved with the project so he will probably need the Villages help.”

Old Business: Councilman Stanfield indicted, “25 years ago in Pennsylvania he picked up a Property Maintenance Code book that the Community enacted.” He mentioned that the Village could adopt something like it and could go around and state violations to residents. V.A. Martin and Councilman Stanfield briefly discussed Constitutional rights vs zoning footprints of dwellings and then Councilman Stanfield offered to allow V.A. Martin to borrow the Code book.

An Executive Session:           

Motion by Councilman Frisch, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to enter into executive session (with no result,) for Personnel. Time: 8:36 pm. Vote: 4-0. Motion Carried.

Motion by Councilman Yakoubian, seconded by Councilman Frisch to enter out of executive session and back to the regular meeting. Time: 8:49 pm. Vote: 3-0. Motion Carried.

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 10th, 2018 at 7:30 P.M.

Motion to adjourn the meeting. Time: 8:51 P.M. Vote 5-0. Motion carried. (Councilman Stanfield left at 8:50 pm.)

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Mayor Bryan Shock                                                                         Fiscal Officer Amber Coontz