Mayor Bryan Shock called the February 8, 2018 Village of Attica Council meeting to order at 7:34PM.

Roll Call: Kirk Stanfield, Ed Treft, George Yakoubian, Louis Sander, Jeff Love and Nate Frisch. Others present: V.A. Martin, Police Chief Turner, residents M/M Lance Drummond and Willard Times Dora Doty.

Motion by Councilman Yakoubian, seconded by Councilman Love to approve the warrants for payment. Vote: 6-0. Motion carried.

Motion by Councilman Sanders, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to approve the minutes as presented. During the voting, Councilman Stanfield questioned usage of electricity on the Electric Savings report distributed last meeting. The report is based on actual expenses for the months, totaled for the year. The only usage mentioned (in generalization) was the mechanical sewer plant vs a lagoons system now. We do not tract electric usage. He also asked Greg what is done when a Siam or Caroline water consumer does not pay their bill. They are shut off and further non-payment results in property tax assessment to the County for delinquency. Vote: 5-0, with Councilman Frisch abstaining. Motion carried.

Written & Oral Communication: S.C. Opportunity Center: March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in Ohio. A luncheon 3-15-18 11:30AM, and on 3-20-18 7PM a Celebrity Basketball game. You are encouraged to participate in both events.

Public Safety: V.A. radar units have been certified by Takedown Tactical. Future N.C. Electric program that the Attica P.D. will Kid ID print their event participants(children). It is noted that both the Parks & Rec Levy and the Police Levy are now at the Board of Elections to review and ready for the May 8th ballot. Council needs to decide on how they will promote these two levies. The Village has a snow removal (sidewalks) policy, following OBC 94.11. Is it possible to publish our O.B.C. on our web-site? The Village pays for this Ordinance and copyright is not permitted.

Streets & Properties: Snow plowing continues. Pot holes are showing up, due to freeze and thaw.

Parks: -

Trees: -

Fire: No meeting.

EMS: No meeting.

Cemetery: No meeting.

Personnel: Tom Daniel has declined the F.O. position. Utility Billing Clerk Sheryl Hamilton has declined the position. We will re-advertise the position.

Zoning Commission: -

Finance & Rule: Total all funds $962,480.54   The 1-31-18 bank reconciliation was reviewed and signed by Council. The January 2018 Utility adjustments report was reviewed and signed by Council.

Water & Sewer: The Ohio EPA will be in Attica Monday February 12th to inspect the Lagoons. OPWC presented the Lagoons loan payoff amortization schedule, with first payment due July 1st, 2018 $29,338.38 and thereafter- each January and July until payoff January 2048. 30 Year zero interest loan, amount: $1,760,302.59.

Village Website & IT: -

Unfinished, Old Business, New Business:

2nd Read of Ordinance # 2018-2, year 2018 Ohio Basic Code was given.

Councilman Stanfield questioned the OPWC loan amount, and his confusion of the OPWC Grant. F.O. Krebs, stated she DID proof the transactions and payoff amount, showing Council the Pay Draws/Amounts with loan vs grant amounts. Councilman Stanfield then proceeded to repeat his objections(prior meetings) to not getting water revenue separation tracked from Village vs outside Siam & Caroline from our “insufficient” software; V. Administrator to keep records on water usage (will be available in the CCR report in May); “hopelessly overpriced” water sold to outside Attica consumers; going with Northern Ohio Rural Water; the Lagoons Ordinances that reference “Contract phase to debt phase”; bulk rate costs; flat rates; no authority to property tax assess delinquent utility accounts; “Pat you don’t know what re-financing is”; audit reports. Councilman Stanfield said he calculated the usage per month, and said that sales are down and wanted V.A. Martin to comment/verify and address our figures vs his. V.A. Martin asked Stanfield where he got his figures/calculations and did not get an answer. Councilman Stanfield asked for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 water-sewer rate schedules. Councilman Yakoubian pointed out the EPA publication of utility rates for entities, and yes, Attica is in the top 10. Many contributing factors for a decline in sales: census population, conservation of usage by consumers, vacant lots, economy, more efficient appliances in washers, no pools, etc. Attica does not have a large consumer to offset rates. Chief Turner told Councilman Stanfield to “market our Village” by coming up with positive solutions, not to tear the Village down. Councilman Stanfield also wanted V.A. Martin to get the Village to enact National Standard Building Codes and inspections.

Next meeting will be Thursday February 22, 2018 at 7:30PM.

Motion by Councilman Love, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to adjourn the meeting. Time: 8:29PM. Vote: 6-0. Motion carried.

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Mayor Bryan Shock                                                                          Fiscal Officer Pat Krebs