Mayor Bryan Shock called the January 25, 2018 Village of Attica Council meeting to order at 7:33PM.

Roll Call:  Jeff Love, Kirk Stanfield, Ed Treft, George Yakoubian and Louis Sanders.  Absent:  Nate Frisch.  Others present:  V.A. Martin, Solicitor Palau, Chief Turner, Charlene Watkins (S.C.R.P), S.C. Commissioner Shane Thomas, Resident Rick Gillett and Tom Daniel. 

Motion by Councilman Love, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to approve the warrants for payment.  Vote: 5-0.  Motion carried.

Motion by Councilman Love, seconded by Councilman Sanders to approve the minutes as presented.  Vote: 4-1, with Councilman Stanfield voting no.  Motion carried.

Written & Oral Communication: S.C. Regional P. Annual Meeting 2-7-18, RSVP by 2-1-18.  Rick Gillett addressed Council concerning his observations on local properties and addressing junk motor vehicles (is that addressed in Zoning?) derelict properties and encouraging citizens to maintain their properties.  Zoning addresses buildings downtown, but not residential properties.  Junk/vehicles has and ordinance 2017-8 to which Chief Turner will enforce.  Sutton Bank is to be commended for their new sign as people enjoy on its service to the community.  Thanks.  Commissioner Thomas gave an update on the Eagles building, and appreciates all the support and help from many sources, including Mr. Gillett and S.C.R.P.  The County has a land bank (funding, identification, selection) for derelict properties (but new is commercial properties) and the County Prosecutor is reviewing the specifications on demolition and will then be able to bid out the job.  Hopefully to have it completed before year end.  Charlene has ideas for grant funding improvements that will include all of downtown Attica.  Past issues with the Health Department with no funding to address these issues, it remained a problem.  Now with the Land Bank, these eyesores can be taken care of.  Charlene informed Council of their offices’ move into the old Board of Elections building space, and will focus on a year of planning, in coordination with City of Tiffin, Fostoria and the Parks District.  This may include non-motorized bike paths, bike lanes, trails to connect to other entities.  Tiffin is looking at a bussing transit project (that could free us SCAT for other transportation for rural residents) and the County, a GIS (geographic info system (to track traffic incidents, locations, high opioid OD’s, etc.).

Parks:  1-17-18, MUSCO replaced the pole lighting to the Myers Park Ballfield, and have suggested the other poles be replaced as well (electric wiring).  V.A. Martin will get a cost for that and present to Council for consideration.  Mayor Shock asked Council if they would like to re-hire Glea Herr for the 2018 Seasonal Pool Manager position.  Lifeguards are ready to return as well.  Motion by Councilman Treft, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to hire Glea Herr as Pool Manager for the 2018 Pool Season, with rate of pay to be set later on with the Seasonal Pool Pay Ordinance.  Vote:  5-0.  Motion carried.  The pool will need painting prior to opening.

Trees:  -

Fire:  Paid the bills.

EMS:  -

Cemetery:  No meeting.

Personnel:  Tom Daniel (candidate for position of Fiscal Officer) was present to ask/answer questions about the position/his interest in the job.  Will hold an Executive Session later this meeting to meet with Tom. 

Zoning Commission:  -

Finance & Rule:  Total of all funds: $931,298.12.  Report on 2017 annual electric savings due to de-regulation was given to Council.  A savings of $32,778 (2013 to 2017), and overall in 2017 from 2016, a savings of $2,138 (with $1,525 due to the lagoons vs a mechanical WW plant). 

Water & Sewer:  The EPA terminated the Director’s Findings and Orders (water system) with the Village.  Letter on file.  Additional testing (EPA regulations) will cost the Village an extra $20 weekly.

Unfinished, Old Business, New Business:

1st Read of Ordinance #2018-2, Year 2018 Ohio Basic Code was given.

Motion by Councilman Sanders, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to enter into Executive Session for hiring of personnel.  Time: 8:24PM.  Vote: 5-0.  Motion carried.

Motion by Councilman Sanders, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to enter out of Executive Session into Regular Session.  Time:  8:51PM.  Vote: 5-0.  Motion carried.

Councilman Sanders will speak with Tom Daniel concerning Council’s offer of Salary for the position of Fiscal Officer.

Next meeting will be February 8, 2018 at 7:30PM.

Motion by Councilman Love, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to adjourn the meeting.  Time: 9:18PM.  Vote:  5-0.  Motion carried.

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