Mayor Bryan Shock called the September 28, 2017 Village of Attica Council meeting to order at 7:30PM.

Roll Call:  Jeff Painter, Kirk Stanfield, Jeff Love, Nate Frisch, Gary Jordan and George Yakoubian.  Others present:  Solicitor Palau, Police Chief Turner, and residents M/M Lance Drummond.

Motion by Councilman Yakoubian, seconded by Councilman Love to approve the warrants for payment.  Vote: 6-0.  Motion carried.

Motion by Councilman Jordan, seconded by Councilman Frisch to approve the minutes as presented.  Vote: 6-0.  Motion carried.

Written & Oral Communication:  Councilman Painter received a request to have Mill Street closed down on Oct 7 (AM) for the Attica Methodist Church Block Party.  Motion by Councilman Painter, seconded by Councilman Frisch to close down Mill Street (to the Church) Oct 7th (AM) for Block Party.  Vote: 6-0.  Motion carried.

Public Safety:  Blue Line billed yet? Yes.  The public safety committee will meet Thursday Oct. 5th at 7PM to discuss the upcoming Police levy, and budget.  Councilman Stanfield said ORC 743.14 gives our Police the authority for area protection, (since Siam and Caroline are under Village Water services) and those communities should also help pay for the levy.  Solicitor Palau said the ADP are not authorized to issue citations/patrol in our water communities outside Village limits, so we won’t be doing that, and those residents can’t be taxed on our Police levies.

Streets & Properties:  -

Parks:  Committee needs to decide millage for upcoming levy and get those figures to Solicitor Palau for Resolution drafting.  Becky Kochel and sisters cared for the Welcome to Attica sign flowers and will do so again next year.   Thanks Kochel’s for your community dedication.

Trees:  Roe’s into the Village today to take care of our tree issues.  Tree City USA info was given to Mr. Drummond. 

Fire:  Paid the bills.

EMS:  Paid the bills.

Cemetery:  No meeting.

Personnel:  -

Zoning Commission:  -

Finance & Rule:  Total all funds: $995,815.00   The 2018 appropriations from departments are due to the Fiscal officer on 10-2-17.  Health insurance info and renewal rates were given to the finance committee for review and recommendation.  The September utility adjustments listing was passed to Council for review and signatures.  Councilman Stanfield asked what the accounts receivable $79,572 (2015) and $72,264 (2016) figures represented, and the Billing Journal report $326,753 from the audit were about, and if that money were collected we wouldn’t need to raise rates.  The accounts receivable represent utility billings at each December month end ($ due by following January 22, 20XX), which are receipted in the 6 utility funds monthly, and will check on the billing journal (glitch in billing with software? explained to the auditors) information.  What about the re-financing of the USDA water loans?  Pat explained that the contract written with USDA when the loans were signed for, will not allow the Village to re-finance – the money loaned/billed/paid is on a strict schedule to be used for other communities to afford their utility systems thru the same process.

Water & Sewer:  pool fills – committee explained their reasons why they felt that we should not reduce the sewer portion off pool fills and that we stop doing so, as there is no authorization to do so.  After much discussion, Motion by Councilman Love, seconded by Councilman Yakoubian to stop deducting sewer portion from pool fills off utility bills.  Vote: 3 Yes (Frisch, Yakoubian, Love.  3 No (Painter, Jordan, Stanfield).  Tie.  Vote by Mayor Shock NO, broke the tie.  Motion failed.  Council was given sample ordinance by Solicitor Palau (awhile back) to look over.

Village Website & IT:  -

Unfinished, Old Business, New Business:  -

Next meeting:  October 12, 2017 at 7:30PM.

Motion by Councilman Love, seconded by Councilman Frisch to adjourn the meeting.  Time: 8:22 PM.  Vote: 6-0.  Motion carried.

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