The new Attica/Venice/Reed residential Recycling program is to start on October 1, 2012. This will be a full-time recycling drop-off center. It will be open 7 days a week, during daylight hours. This is a standalone container that residents can put glass, metal, plastics, and paper into. Some restrictions apply....please see below for specifics. These containers will be conveniently located at the Village of Attica water plant located at 451 S. Main Street Attica and at Reed Twp. Center located at 14047 E. St. Rt. 162 Republic.
This service is provided by the Village of Attica, Venice and Reed Townships, and OSS Solid Waste District. For more information please contact the following:
Village of Attica: 419-426-9611
Venice Twp. Office: 419-426-0511
Charles Miller: 567-230-7346
Herman Holmer: 419-681-5547
Gerald Miller: 567-207-4562
Oss Solid Waste District: 419-334-7222 or 1-888-850-7224 or visit

Glass: Bottles and Jars ONLY - remove lids. NO window glass, dishes or cookware, drinking glasses, light bulbs, mirrors, ceramic or china.
Metal: Aluminum and Steel Cans ONLY - includes empty aerosol cans (w/ lids and tips removed). NO hangers, pots or pans.
Plastics: ALL #1-#2 Plastics and #3-#7 Containers ONLY – NO plastic bags, motor oil containers, buckets, Styrofoam, toys, butter tubs, etc. Please remove all lids.
Paper: Cardboard, Cartons, Junk Mail, Magazines, Newspaper, Office Paper, Paperboard and Phone books. – No hard back books. Remove plastic wrappers from newspapers and magazines, leave advertisements inserts in newspaper, cartons for juice, milk, broth, etc. must have all caps and straws removed. NO foil pouches. Flatten all boxes, remove all packaging materials, and NO colored construction paper, crayon wrappers, candy wrappers, tissues, wax coated materials, napkins, hanging or reinforced file folders, copy paper covers, carbon paper, etc.
Flyers are available at Village Hall